Supermarket operating restricted area(1)

  • Update:25-05-2019
  • Abst:

    Taboo 1: I think it is normal to not make money in the early stage.
    The newcomers who opened the supermarket for the first time are still not very familiar with the operation, and are more likely to have wrong ideas. Therefore, some people think that the newly opened store needs to be raised. Don’t think about making money in the early stage. I believe that as long as the store is long enough, you can profit. So at the beginning of the store, in addition to tormenting the staff, in addition to inviting their friends to look around, the most is to send a leaflet in the vicinity, and then wait for the customer to automatically come to the door after one year! Can only face the increasingly cold flow of people, employees can not see the hope to quit.

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