Supermarket shelves must have seven characteristics (1)

  • Update:05-08-2019
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    Supermarkets have now achieved the effect of blooming everywhere, and even everywhere, it can be seen how strong their competitiveness, but each one can not do without the use of Guangzhou supermarket shelves, which shows the supermarket How important is the shelf in the supermarket.
    As time goes by, the supermarket shelves are constantly improving. What are the biggest features of supermarket shelves?
    1. The design style is more contemporary, firm in structure, and the layer spacing is adjusted freely, which is noble and generous, and is suitable for use in convenience stores;
    2, the appearance of luxury, elegant color, and the modern store environment, creating a new concept of business;
    3. Raise the root of the support arm, increase the supporting capacity, increase the width and length of the laminate, and satisfy the capacity of the large-scale shopping malls;

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