Supermarket snack shelf selection and placement skills (2)

  • Update:24-08-2019
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    The lattice layout of the shelves: this is the traditional form of shopping mall layout. It means that the supermarket shelves and the customer shopping channels are arranged in a rectangular manner, and the main channels are the same width as the auxiliary channels, and all the shelves are arranged in parallel or at right angles.
    The advantage is that the supermarket store space can be fully utilized; because it is classified, the customer can easily identify the product category and distribution characteristics, and facilitate shopping; the main components of the supermarket shelf are as follows: by column, bottom plate, laminate, backboard, top cover , brackets, feet, guardrails, baffles, price bars, etc. Different styles have different components, and the back can be a middle back panel, a back mesh, and an orifice plate. The washing frame also has a light box, a lamp, a billboard, and the like.

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