How to put the supermarket shelves more comfortable? (1)

  • Update:30-09-2019
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    People rely on clothes, Buddha depends on gold; supermarket shelves always affect the customer's first impression, good or bad, only a few seconds. Therefore, the decoration of the supermarket store is a very important part of the supermarket and store display, which can affect the customer's entry rate.
    The visual design of modern supermarket shelves, based on the design of supermarket shelves, introduces many common principles of plane composition and three-dimensional composition and color composition, and shelves that form relatively complete design principles and rules in the design practice of supermarkets.
    Supermarket shelves are designed to give consumers the most effective information in a limited amount of time and space. Therefore, the basis of supermarket shelf design is how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of display activities. In addition to demonstrating the design of the environment itself, the display of glasses is also an important part of the design of supermarket shelves.

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