How to put the supermarket shelves more comfortable (2)

  • Update:12-10-2019
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    Therefore, in addition to the basic rules of general space design, the visual and psychological processes of viewing display objects are the basic premise of supermarket shelf design, so the design of supermarket shelves should be designed to maximize the comfort and natural look of customers.
    How to place supermarket shelves?
    1. It is possible to keep the product for a short period of time, or to put the goods in the shelf life on the first floor and outside of the shelf, so that the sales of the goods can be accelerated.
    2, freshly imported fresh goods can be placed on the lower or the back of the shelf, after entering and exiting is also the principle of sales
    3, cheap goods can be placed under the shelves, because its low profit makes its position less conspicuous.
    4, fast turnover, good sales, high-priced goods can be placed in the middle of the boutique supermarket shelves and above, because the customer's line of sight at a 30-degree angle is the golden corner, customers take goods convenient and convenient, which can make the supermarket more Increased sales.
    The design and placement of the supermarket shelves should be combined with the overall image design of the store to make inkjet, engraving and other auxiliary materials play an important role.

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